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Angela Hart

Angela was in search of a unique and elegant design. To make the card even more one-of-a-kind, we had these printed on pearlescent paper. View project

US Ordnance Tshirt

US Ordnance wanted a tshirt to hand out to employees as appreciation for all their hard work. This shirt can frequently be seen on at least a few employees! View project

Michelle Debord

Michelle is a bubbly, sweet dental hygienist so for her identity we created a "tooth fairy" icon.

Sacramento Children's Museum

Booklet design to help promote the SCM. View project

Canfest 2011 Postcard

Let the marketing stick and the canned beer flow. View project

Blair Singer & SalesPartners Collateral

Consistent branding goes a long way! We created an ad, a trifold brochure and a bookmark in English and Swedish. View project

The Monster Mash

... it's a grave yard smash... do the mash... View project

Sugar Bowl Ski Team Village Ball Invitation

Sugar Bowl Ski Team wanted a unique invitation to their annual Village Ball. We decided to go with a Passport themed invite, complete with a "plane ticket-stub" RSVP card. The cover had silver ink, rounded corners and specialty paper.

Art & Wellness Poster

Art & Wellness is a movement created by Kaiser RN nurses help transform the care and healing for their patients. View project